2019 Fleet Safety Awards - Official Entry Form

The Fleet Safety Awards program recognizes carriers with the best safety records in their class. These organizations uphold OTA’s mission to enhance the industry’s image by showing their commitment to safety through their drivers’ safe operations on our highways every day. These awards, presented by Great West Casualty Company, are awarded on the basis of accident-frequency ratios, which include data from the mileage and accidents reported to the Ohio Department of Transportation within a calendar year.

Reporting Requirements:

  • The report shall show the total number of accidents occurring in Ohio during the calendar year 2018. The definition of accident used in this contest is the one contained in the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations, 49 CFR Part 390.5.
  • Frequency rates shall be expressed in terms of the number of accidents per one million miles as determined by the following formula:

Frequency = Number of Ohio DOT reportable accidents x 1,000,000 / vehicle miles driven in Ohio

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Awards in the Ohio Trucking Association Fleet Safety Contest are made on the basis of accident-frequency ratios. The fleet, among first-place category winners, determined to have the overall best record will receive the grand trophy.
  2. Contestants must be Ohio Trucking Associations member companies.
  3. Truck rental or leasing companies may enter the contest and may enter vehicles furnished to its customers as separate fleets if: three (3) or more vehicles are regularly furnished to the customer during the entire year; and both the leasing company and its customer are members of the Ohio Trucking Association.
  4. A completed entry form must be submitted for each eligible participant. The entry deadline is August 2, 2019.
  5. Contestants will be grouped for judging by the judges.
  6. All mileage driven in Ohio and all reportable accidents in Ohio must be reported as the basis for the contest, which operates on a calendar year. All DOT recordable accidents, regardless of fault, must be reported.
  7. In the event of a tie, accuracy of accidents will be used in figuring the overall winner.
  8. Participating companies agree to make at least one (1) representative available to attend the annual Ohio Trucking Association conference on September 16-17 to receive the company’s award.
  9. Category winners will be audited.

Nominations are due by August 2, 2019. Questions? E-mail Bradie Berry at bradie@ohiotrucking.org.

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