BWC Div. of Safety & Hygiene Semi-Annual Report
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Report all information below for CURRENT SIX MONTH PERIOD ONLY (corresponding with period identified above).

Recordkeeping Requirements
The following items are based on the Recordkeeping Requirements under the Occupational Safety & Health Act of 1970. The columns listed below correspond to the columns in the OSHA 300 Log and PERRP Form 300P.

(Column G in OSHA 300 Log/PERRP Form 300P)

(Column H in the OSHA 300 Log/PERRP Form 300P) 

(Column K in the OSHA 300 Log/PERRP Form 300P)

Note: If you report a death, injury, or illness resulting in days away from work in the current
six month period (item 4 or 5), the most recent date of death, injury or illness must correspond with item 1.